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Portfolio Companies

AquAgro Lab

AquAgro Lab is a subsidiary wholly owned by AquAgro Fund. Since AquAgro Fund invests chiefly in midy-to-late stage companies, the need to cover embryonic companies occurred and AquAgro Lab has been launched. AquAgro Lab operates in a format similar to that of a technology incubator, making seed-stage investments. ||| AquAgro Lab serves as a deal-flow feeder of the Fund.


Desalitech is all about revolutionizing the fundamentals of reverse osmosis desalination. Desalitech was founded by Prof. Efraty under the name "Advanced Desalination Technologies Ltd." as the platform for the development and commercialization of his innovative ideas relating to hydraulic desalination .

By replacing the existing reverse osmosisֲ desalination scheme with a closed circuit desalination process,ֲ Desalitech is ableֲ to dramatically reduce desalination production costs.
This innovative process offers outstanding advantages over existing reverse osmosisֲ desalination scheme:

  • Reductionֲ ofֲ up to 50% in desalination energy consumption.
  • Dramatic reduction of theֲ capital expenditures of desalination plants.
  • Reductionֲ ofֲ maintenance and operating expenses.
  • Superior product quality.
  • Modular and scalable designs facilitating highly cost effective solutions for any production capacity, including production rates for which existing reverse osmosis desalination is not economically viable.ֲ ֲ  |||

Desalitech solutions are applicable to any existing application of reverse osmosis desalination at any scale, and they are fully covered by patents that were already granted in dozens of countries worldwide.

Desalitech vision is to establish its technology as the leadingֲ reverse osmosis technology and to reduce the desalinated water prices to a level which will make them affordable to many thirsty developed and developing communities.

Computerized Electricity Systems Ltd. (CES)

The mission of the company is to advance electricity management into the 21st century by installing a comprehensive and computerized solution in every home/commercial building. The company was founded in 1989 (restructured & streamlined in 2005 ). |||

The product - computerized electricity system (C.E.S.) for the multi billion smart grid market. The advantages of the C.E.S. are its comprehensive approach, unprecedented monitoring and control that empower consumers to better manage their consumption, and utilities to improve their power quality and customer service. C.E.S. architecture is the only one that simplifies communication and data processing between home and utilities, alleviating back office overload and allowing easy interfacing with back office systems .

Market - Every house and/or commercial building in the world can use the C.E.S to optimize electricity consumption .



Evogene is an Ag-Biotech Company geared toward developing improved plants for agriculture and biofuel industries through use of plant genomics. The company discovers and develops genes for improvement of plant traits and develops improved high oil yielding plant varieties for biofuels production. Evogene holds pending IP rights to over 300 novel genes and more than 40 promoters validated in plants relating to key plant traits, such as yield under normal and various environmental stress conditions (such as drought), fertilizer utilization and more.

||| Evogene combines state-of-the-art computational gene discovery technologies, molecular biology, highthrough-put assays, classical and advanced breeding methods. The company's founders are breeders whose vision is to combine agricultural understanding with advanced computational plant genomic analysis in order to improve commercial crops. Evogene was founded in 2002 as a plant focused spin-off of Compugen (Nasdaq: CGEN) aimed at utilizing Compugen's world leading predictive discovery capabilities in the agricultural biotechnology field. The company's core competence has derived from state-of-the-art, unique computational gene discovery platform - The ''ATHLETE'' (Agro Trait Harvest LEads TEchnology), which enables highly accurate and creative comparative genomics. By applying computational and biological tools to plant genome databases, Evogene identifies and prioritizes gene candidates, linked to a certain plant trait. These candidate genes then undergo validation through model and target plant systems. Evogene partners with world leading seed and Ag-chemical companies, which further develop and introduce the company's proprietary genes into elite commercial seed lines. A number of improved plant traits are in relatively advanced stages of development through deals and collaborations with world leading companies, such as Monsanto Company, Pioneer Hi-Bred, Bayer CropScience, Syngenta and other.

Evogene is traded in the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE:EVGN), and is proud to employ more than 50 mathematicians, computers scientists, plant scientists, biologists and plant breeders.


The company has developed plankton sized unique food for fish larvae.We believe the technology is a breakthrough in bringing new ocean species into industrial harvesting. |||


Transbiodiesel Ltd.

Transbiodiesel Ltd. has patented technology on the use of unique
immobilized lipases for the production of biodiesel from
different oils, including plant oils, animal fats and recycled
greases. ||| The developed immobilized lipases possess high resistance towards short-chain alcohols, typically used as substrates in the production process of biodiesel. The produced immobilized lipases are recyclable and tolerate various inhibitors typically present in raw materials.

The developed enzymatic process for production of biodiesel is economically feasible and competitive with the costs for the currently practiced conventional chemically-catalyzed production process.
Transbiodiesel's process is environmentally friendly and the by-product produced in the process- glycerol, can be used in food and pharmaceutical industries without excessive purification.


The company has developed new seeds for tomato raisins. “Raisin-tomato” is a tomato that dries naturally while still attached to the vine, or, harvested and dried on plastic nets/low heated, drying rooms without any additional chemicals.||| For the first time, specific varieties have been developed-the new cherry tomatoes let the water out of the whole fruit, keeping the rich taste and high sweetness locked inside.

Impel Microchip Ltd.

Impel is developing cost-effective photovoltaic solar panels. Cheap optical systems replace photovoltaic material and concentrate the sunlight on small yet more efficient photovoltaic cells. This technology has not been widely used because of the expensiveness of photovoltaic material and the complexity of peripheral system components. |||

Impel's unique product design seals the solar energy converting core within a polymer matrix and resulting in a 50% lighter, only 10 mm thick solar panel. The panel is well protected from the environment which ensures its endurance.

Impel's technology is compatible with the existing wafer-based photovoltaic cells and does not require specific modifications. Implel's technology is implemented on a photovoltaic cell level to create "mini-panels" with an independent power output, which allows assembling in different sizes and modifications and therefore versatile.


Variable Wind Solutions

The company produces wind-powered, hydraulic-based electricity generation-modular, savonius-based, roof-top wind turbine array that pumps oil to operate ֲ ֲ a hydraulic motor attached to a single generator connected to the building or utility powerֲ ֲ  grid.

||| The advantages of VWS’ Roof-Top Wind Turbines are high reliability, modular structure and built-in power storage.