In partnership with Gaon Agro Industries Ltd.

20/10/2009 AquAgro Fund announces its investment in Impel Microchip Ltd.

Impel Microchip overview

Impel is developing cost-effective photovoltaic solar panels. Cheap optical systems replace photovoltaic material and concentrate the sunlight on small yet more effcient photovoltaic cells. This technology has not been widely used because of the expensiveness of photovoltaic material and the complexity of peripheral system components.

Impel's unique product design selas the solar energy converting core within a polymer matrix and resulting in a 50% lighter, only 10 mm thick solar panel. The panel is well protected from the environment which ensures its endurance.

Impel's technology is compatible with the existing wafer-based photovoltaic cells and doesn not require specific modifications. Implel's tehcnology is implemented on a photovoltaic cell level to create "mini-panels" with an independent power output, which allows assembling in different sizes and modifications and therefore versatile.

Impel was founded in 2007 by Zohar Haviv and Mario De-La-Vega, bringing more than 20 year of experience in semiconductor industry.

Impel and ARKEMA have recently partnered for a strategic project allowing implementation of the exisitng semiconductor industry expertise to the latest cutting-edge polymer performance know-how.

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