In partnership with Gaon Agro Industries Ltd.

About us

AquAgro Fund, L.P. is a venture capital fund focused on Israel’s innovative water and agriculture technologies, as well as other innovative clean technologies. The fundamental problems in the water, energy and food sectors globally are growing steadily in gravity and magnitude and present a series of challenges to all of us. Along with these challenges come very big opportunities to companies which will create new cost effective and groundbreaking technologies that will provide solutions on a global scale to these very real problems which will stay with us in decades to come.

The Fund was formed by Gaon Agro Industries, AquAgro GbR Germany and Ainsbury Properties Ltd. together with Hillel Milo and Nir Belzer who have extensive investment experience with Israeli technology companies and proven track record of providing superior returns to investors. Mr. Hillel Milo is one of the pioneers of the venture capital industry in Israel. Mr. Belzer was among the first and few venture capital funds to appreciate the opportunity in Material Science and CleanTech. The Fund Managers worked together in the past and have cooperated in VC activities. They bring substantial experience in the field of R&D, marketing and management of the portfolio. The Fund managers are assisted by a team of experienced research and operational personnel.

The Fund aims to generate substantial returns to its investors in the Fund by applying its investment strategy and process, by drawing on the skills and experience of its Management Team, by sourcing deal flow, nurturing portfolio companies, negotiating attractive investment terms and conditions and seeking favorable exit opportunities.